December 2, 2023

A thundering (and fully terrifying) herd of turtles took down O’Grady’s PowerPage during Monday, September nineteenth, whereby customers famous assorted WordPress and 404-related server errors.

The turtles, most geared up with at the least a bachelor’s in Laptop Science diploma, demanded huge portions of triple washed lettuce, assorted heat rocks to sunbathe on, and recent spring water to clean the aforementioned lettuce down. They then proceeded to improve the PowerPage’s WordPress again finish, albeit with roughly 24 hours of service interruptions.

After a time frame, the turtles restored service to the informative web site, demanded pizza, and wandered off within the basic course of a Entire Meals, the place the lettuce is claimed to be second to none. PowerPage workers have been considerably traumatized by the entire expertise, however have sworn to maintain bringing you Mac, iOS, and cellular information, rumors, and options regardless of the calls for of their new, sluggish shifting, reptilian overlords.